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Full Name Anne-Marie Prost-Barges
Date of birth Monday, 14th February 1955 (secret)
Nationality French
Zodiac Watercarrier
Addresses Anne-Marie lived with her husband Alain in St. Chamond from 1980 until 1983. In April 1983, they moved to their new home in Yens Switzerland and lived there until 30th November 1999. On 1st December 1999 they officially moved to Nyon (Switzerland). Anne-Marie Prost still lives there, while Alain lives at Chêne-Bougeries (Switzerland) with Bernadette Cottin. - For privacy reasons, the full address of Anne-Marie Prost will not be published here.
Marital status Divorced from Alain Prost
Date of Wedding: Friday, 1st August 1980
Place of Wedding: Saint-Chamond / France
Children 2 sons:
- Nicolas Jean Prost (born 18.08.1981; weight at birth: 3,5 kg)
- Sacha Prost (born 30.05.1990)
Grandchildren 3 grandchildren:
  • grandson Kimi (born 11.11.2015 to Nico Prost and his wife Delphine)
  • grandson Liam (born 24.06.2018 to Sacha Prost and his wife Gaia de Leva-Prost)
  • grandson Mika (born 27.12.2020 to Nico Prost and his wife Delphine)
Siblings One sister:
Hélène, born in 1957, lives in Lyon (France).
Hélène is married and has one daughter.
Hair colour Blondes
Eyes Green
Favourite food Fondue, Raclette
Favourite drink A good red wine
Hobbies reading, collecting Mickey Mouse-pictures, her kids...
Private Car Audi A3 (before she drove a Mercedes 500)

Anne-Marie Prost

It's very difficult to find information about Alain Prost's wife in newspapers and magazines... Here are some of the things I could gather over the years.

Anne-Marie has a younger sister, Hélène. They grew up in Lorette / Loire (France).

Anne-Marie got to know Alain in 1972 - they both were 17. It was love at first sight. Other sources say, that Alain was in love with Anne-Marie since he was 15... Anne-Marie studied in the secondary school in Rive-de-Gier at that time. Due to a friend of her, she was a real super girl who always had lots of friends around her. She was very pretty, always dressed at the latest style, but mainly was very good at school and really funny. At the beginning, when she started going out with Alain, she was driving with a girlfriend in a 2CV to see him drive races on a track in the South of France (her parents were not informed about it)...

Alain and Anne Marie got married on Friday, 1st August 1980. They would have married sooner, but they didn't have enough money to do so and both had to live with their parents before for money reasons. They have two sons together called Nicolas Jean (born 1981) and Sacha (born 1990).

Anne-Marie visited only some few Grand Prix (about 7 races) and is not really interested in Formula 1 and motorsport... At the time Alain drove in Formula 1, Anne-Marie always waited until the race was over and then watched the race she has taped before, to make sure that she doesn't see an accident of Alain. Alain wrote in his autobiography "Life in the Fast Lane" that Zandvoort 1985 was one of the very rare occasions when Anne-Marie came along with him. - "Zandvoort 1985 was only her third live Grand Prix since I had started racing in 1980. Quite simply speed makes her nervous. I remember once driving her along a road somewhere in France - this was when I was an established Formula One driver - and she got so nervous that she shouted at me: 'Who do you think you are - Fangio?'"

She was a teacher, but unfortunately her diploma is not accepted in Switzerland, where she lives with Alain. She said once that if they would ever go back to France, she would like to be a teacher again.

On 13th April 1990, Anne-Marie had a terrible accident. She was pregnant in 7th month with Sacha. Anne-Marie drove on a small street in Switzerland with her son Nicolas and a little girl and she turned into a level crossing, when a fast train arrived. The conductor could do nothing: the train seized the car and dragged it for more than 30 metres... Like a miracle, nobody was hurt. One and a half month later, Sacha was born...

In a interview from March 2003, Anne-Marie was talking about her clothes: she confirmed that she often buys new clothes, but she mainly has a fetish for shoes and bags. When Anne-Marie was 15, she bought a first black coat that she really loved. In the eighties she bought a Jil Sander raincoat, that she really loved too and had a hard time giving it away. She has lots of friends, to whom she gives the dresses she doesn't wear anymore. Once, for a charitable event, Anne-Marie brought tons of dresses. But she also sells her old dresses in a second-hand shop and gives the money to her younger sister, so that her sister can buy what she really wants instead of wearing Anne-Marie's older clothes... Anne-Marie said that she has a weakness for lacy underwear. She wears black or white underwear, but sometimes also skin-coloured underwear so it is invisible. She loves fur, clothes from "BOSS femmes" and sportswear style clothes.

Anne-Marie very rarely spends evenings out, she thinks that people at events often look more at the clothing and don't see the people... She really enjoys spending rainy Sundays in her pyjama at home. While she prefers black clothes for going outside the house, she wears bright colours like rose or white at home.

In 2003, Anne-Marie surprised with her clear statement against the war in Irak. She said that she has the same position as Jacques Chirac. She wonders how people can still imagine a war as a solution - "Have people not become wiser?" she asks herself.

More information about Anne-Marie Prost will be available soon...

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