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Products Pan-american Sports Network
Information The Pan-american Sports Network's (PSN) marketing and sponsorship alliance with Prost Grand Prix is one of a number of new programming and marketing activities that will enhance PSN's reputation for creating a closer connection between fans of Latin American sports and their favourite teams, players and championships.
PSN debuted throughout Latin America on February 15, 2000. The network's second year will be marked by expansion beyond the 10 million cable and satellite subscribers (representing 40 million viewers) receiving PSN's programming in Spanish or Portuguese and the network's launch among Latino sports fans in the U.S.

Over one-third of PSN's programming is the live and exclusive broadcast of premier sports events with the emphasis on Latin America's leading pan-regional football championships and 2002 World Cup qualifications. PSN also broadcasts the 17 Grand Prix of the Formula 1 World Championship on a live and exclusive basis throughout Latin America with the exception of Brazil. Among cable households in Argentina from March - December 2000, PSN's football and Formula 1 broadcasts combined to represent 19 out of the top 20 highest rated programs produced by the region's three pan-regional sports networks. PSN also has the region's exclusive broadcast rights to premier tennis (including Wimbledon and the U.S. Open), golf and basketball (including the NBA) events and produces sports news, feature and interview programs and documentaries.

In January, PSN announced the formation of a comprehensive partnership with Pelé who will participate in a variety of PSN broadcasting and marketing programs. In-depth coverage of PSN's programs can be found on-line at The portal includes the official sites of some of the region's most popular football teams. In January, after less than six months in operation, the network surpassed 1,000,000 unique visitors for the month.

PSN is a portfolio company of Panamerican Sports and Media, a fully integrated sports and media platform. The platform encompasses PSN,, Panamerican Sports Teams, Traffic Marketing Esportivo, Inter/Forever Sports and Panamerican Sports Stadiums. Panamerican Sports and Media is owned by Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst and managed by The Muller Sports Group in partnership with Hicks, Muse.
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Products Computers and computer peripherals
Information Established in 1976, Acer is the is one of the world-leading PC manufacturers offering a broad range of PC-products from industry-leading high-end PC servers and multimedia desktop computers, to notebooks, computer peripherals and components. Acer is also a leading Internet-enabler, offering Internet component technologies, devices and services as well as providing end-to-end solutions.

The Acer Group employes nearly 35 000 people in 193 enterprises spanning 42 countries worldwide, supporting dealers and distributors in over 100 countries.

The 2000' turnover of the group reached US $ 10 billion.
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Products Recruitment agency
Information Adecco is the world's largest recruitment agency. Through its network of 28,000 employees and over 5,000 offices in 60 countries around the world, Adecco finds jobs for 312 people every minute.

Adecco is registered in Switzerland is listed on the Swiss Exchange, NYSE and the Bourse de Paris. In 2000, it generated revenues of CHF 26.6 billion (up 44%), registering its fourth year of consecutive growth since the merger of Adia and Ecco networks in 1996. The Adecco brand network focuses on global industries in transition, including automotive, banking, electronics, logistics and telecommunications. Adecco is also positioned as a world-wide leader in each of the major professional staffing segments, delivering a broad range of staffing solutions, from temporary work to permanent placement, to consulting and managed services.

Adecco's association with Prost Grand Prix carries on from the success of the company as the Official Staffing Services Supporter of the 2000 Olympic Games and Official Staffing Services Provider of the 2000 Paralympic Games.
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Products Milk and dairy products, food
Information Parmalat is one of the leading Italian food companies, and the most important one in the milk and dairy products industry.

Established in 1961, in less than thirty years the company has achieved a solid fame, rising from the provincial sector to an unmistakable nation-wide identity. In 1990, with the setting up of Parmalat Finanziaria S.p.A., it entered the Stock Exchange. Parmalat's production potential is based on 119 factories found in 25 countries in 5 continents.

Today, the Parmalat brand is very famous throughout South America. It has considerable opportunities In the USA, Eastern Europe and Asia. It has been consolidated for a long time in France, Germany, Spain and Portugal. Over the 60% of the global sales turnover is currently achieved abroad.
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Dark Dog

Products Energy Drinks
Information Dark Dog is an award-winning, high quality energy drink produced near Salzburg in Austria.

The product contains natural Guarana-Caffeine, Taurine and 5 essential vitamins, which help the body in times of fatigue by providing stimulation and an energy boost. The product is now available in markets all over the world, including South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

More and more consumers are waking up to the affects of the Dark Dog energy.
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Products Electronic domestic appliances
Information Leading Brazilian manufacturer with 46-years experience in the field of high quality electronic domestic appliances. Using innovative design and advanced technology, Brastemp creates products combining hi-tech, comfort and style.
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Products tyres
Information Michelin has been producing tyres for over 100 years and is now one of the World's leading manufacturers, with about 19,4% of the global market. The company has nearly 80 manufacturing plants on five continents and over 130,000 employees. They produce daily : 830,000 tyres, 65,000 inner tubes, more than 4 million kilometres of steel cord, 95,000 wheels and 75,000 maps and guides.

Inventor of the radial tyre, Michelin is synonymous with motorsport, having brought its radial technology into all aspects of racing, revolutionising Formula One in 1977. Its successes in all forms of wheeled sport - from cycling to World Championship Rallying, GP motorcycling to Le Mans - make it the envy of its rivals, with an honours list as long as it is prestigious.

With a business presence in over 170 countries, the Michelin Group of companies make tyres for nearly all types of vehicles : from bicycles to the space shuttle, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, earthmover and agricultural equipment, buses, underground trains and aircraft. The company also publishes travel guides, maps and atlases covering Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.
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Products Technological consulting
Information Altran, the European leader in technological consulting, is represented in 13 countries and employs over 10,000 consultants representing all branches of engineering. Altran is the leading creator of engineering jobs in Europe. The group has developed a unique position in its market thanks to the diversity of its technical expertise (physical and electronic sciences, information, automatic and process technology, organisation and strategy, etc.) and the broad scope of its activities (telecommunications, aeronautics/space, motor industry, energy, process industries, etc.). Altran offers its customers a cross-disciplinary, operational vision of technology to enable them to enhance their competitive position against a background of constant, extremely rapid developments.

Altran has sustained an annual growth rate of over 30% on average for the past 10 years. Its estimated turnover for 2000 was in excess of FRF 5,600 m (855 ME). The partnership which links Altran with Prost Grand Prix is based on the mutual recognition by the two companies of their shared values in the areas of technology, performance and the central role played by people in their activities. This partnership requires the technical know-how of Altran, who is beginning its second season alongside Prost Grand Prix and is focusing on the main R&D challenges facing the stable.
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Other Sponsors

Name Information
CATIA CATIA Solutions is the leading software in the CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) marketplace. It is developed by Dassault Systèmes and marketed world-wide by IBM. CATIA allows the creation of all the 3D data related to the virtual product during the successive stages of design, industrialisation, manufacture and maintenance.

One of the objectives of the partnership between Dassault Systèmes and Prost Grand Prix is to produce with the CATIA software, the first ever Digital Mockup of a Formula One car. For the engineers from the design office of Prost Grand Prix, who work with CATIA on a daily basis, CAD/CAM and computer simulation tools are an everyday part of the state of the art technologies required for the development of their cars and the management of their projects.

In the spiralling intensity of Formula One development, CATIA solutions should aid Prost Grand Prix in its aim of becoming one of the sport's elite super-teams.
New Man New Man is a European enterprise with an international outlook. Strengthened by its experience in Formula One, the brand this year will move forward with an advanced new image in creating a line of clothes exclusively for the Prost Grand Prix team. When New Man designs a garment, each detail is prepared for the comfort of the person who will wear it. Each material is chosen for the same reason.

Despite our different disciplines, we face the same challenges imposed by the technological advances of our age and, as partners with Prost Grand Prix, we also share an ambition: to come out on top.

This innovative alliance of technology and quality is a symbol. Our spirit is the same and we will never cease to be satisfied in the culture of winning.
Magneti Marelli Magneti Marelli is an international leader in the design and production of high-tech components systems, and modules for the automotive industry.

With a turnover in 1999 of more than 4.1 billion Euros, and a workforce of 25,600 - including an R&D staff of 2,200 - Magneti Marelli ranks among the major Companies in the manufacture of electronic fuel-injection systems, air-conditioning and engine cooling systems, cockpit modules, exhaust systems, on-board information and communication systems, lighting systems, shock absorbers, suspensions.

Magneti Marelli is headquartered in Milan and has industrial and R&D facilities in Italy, France, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey, the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China, India, Malaysia and South Africa.
Sodexho Sodexho is the world's leading provider of food and management services, with operations in 70 countries, 286,000 employees and 10,5 billion Euros sales in 99/00. His core business is providing food and management services to companies, government agencies, institutions, public and private schools, universities, healthcare establishments and retirement homes.

Sodexho supplies also a full range of services to people living in extreme conditions on onshore and offshore sites around the world. The Group is the world's second largest issuer of service vouchers and cards and is also leader in leisure services. In a business with such a strong emphasis on people, where success depends primarily on the men and women who make up its corporate community, Sodexho's ambition is clear : to be recognised as the global benchmark by "improving the quality of everyday life".

Sodexho's strong values - Team Spirit, Service Spirit and Progress - are based on caring and listening to others, professional commitment and the constant search for a better way. The common objectives and values demonstrate that Sodexho's partnership with Prost Grand Prix is part of a shared dedication to success.
3M With a portfolio of 50,000 products developed through the laboratories of its technical partners, 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing) is one of the most diversified organisations in the world and one of the most expert in the markets in which it operates.

3M does business in more than 60 countries and in four main sectors - Industry (products for the automotive and aeronautical industries and also for in the electonic industry for telecommunications), Office and Consumer (products for specialist papers with brands like Scotch®‚and Post-It®), the Healthcare (chemists, medical and dental products) and the Traffic, Graphic and Safety (notably with retro-reflective products and ScotchliteTM products).
Facom First European hand tool manufacturer for professionals.
SAN The SAN is the specific public and administrative structure for new towns in France. Saint Quentin en Yvelines is composed of seven communes (population: 150'000). Their 43 elected delegates take the main decisions about town planning, economic growth and large scale community facilities.
Volvo Volvo Trucks France and the PROST GRAND PRIX Team are the ideal partners for performance and safety.

Volvo Trucks France provides all the truck-based logistic back up that the PROST GRAND PRIX needs to move its racing cars around with optimum safety and security.

Throughout the coming season Volvo Trucks France and PROST GRAND PRIX will team up as the winning combination.
Fiat Auto Fiat Auto (France), supplies this season Prost Grand Prix with a range of its cars, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Fiat.

Top Management and drivers will drive the most prestigious of the makes, the fiery and sporty Alfa Romeo.

The team's engineers will enjoy the classy comfort of the Lancias, while a great range of solid, practical and spacious Fiats will be at disposal of the whole Prost team.
SGI Silicon Graphics is a leading supplier of high-performance visual and enterprise computing systems. The company's products range from low-end desktop workstations to servers and supercomputers.
DISA DISA is an innovative leader in France that produces and sells industrial and advertising graphic solutions that will build your company's image and promote your product or service.
Charmilles World leader of electrical discharge wire and die sinking machines. Imports and sells industrial equipment.
IKON IKON Office Solutions is an industry leader in new office technologies-imaging and digital networking, outsourcing and facilities management, and systems integration and technical education.

IKON is the 1st world-wide retailer and integrator with 40,000 employees and a 6 billion US $ turnover..
J.M. Weston J.M. Weston is a name of reference in the world of shoemaking of the finest quality. Since 1927 till today, master craftsmen maintain a completely handmade process of manufacture within J.M. Weston's workshops.

This unique savoir-faire truly fashions shoes of exception. For the third consecutive year of its paternership with Prost Grand Prix, J.M. Weston fits the racing team, as well as the testing team. These gentlemen have selected to complement their travelling outfit with a pair of Derby split toe welted on rubber soles in order for both comfort with elegance.

As for the ladies of the group, their choice is a pair of navy blue suede Signature loafers, the mythical model of the J.M. Weston collection.
Vielife Vielife provides innovative health and well-being solutions enabling individuals and companies to achieve more Over the past decade, Vielife have worked in competitive sport and the corporate sector by playing a key part in enabling elite athletes and senior executives to maximise their physical and psychological potential.

This knowledge and experience has been applied in the development of an innovative health and well-being service that for the first time can be deployed enterprise-wide - enabling all employees to receive guidance, solutions and support.
Aprilia Aprilia is passion, determination, technological research and a capacity for innovation have enabled us to achieve ambitious goals both on the market and on the tracks.

Aprilia has now taken up a stable place as Europe's second largest producer of motorcycle and scooters and is at the top of World Championship racing. The range of products includes scooters to high capacity motorcycles, the segment on which our range extension programme has concentrated.

Aprilia has developed a specific design scooter to provide to the team Prost Grand Prix for the whole season.
Fluent Fluent, leader in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software (with more than 55% of the market ), is today the main center in CFD with 95 full time developers and more than 3500 industrial clients.

Fluent software, known as a standard, simulates fluid flow, compressible or incompressible, implying complex physical phenomenon as turbulence, heat transfer, chemical reactions...

Fluent is used as a virtual test facility and enables PROST engineers to simulate and improve external aerodynamics of their vehicles.
MSC Software MSC.Software develops and markets a solutions package covering every point of structural analysis reducing costs in conception and increasing systems performance.

The perfect integration of MSC solutions with Catia interface is a key of success in productivity for Prost Grand Prix calculation centre.

Involvement and expertise in mechanical simulation studies leads MSC.Software to participate in optimising F1 performance.
Fenwick Since 1862, Fenwick has been the leader in the distribution and maintenance of high-quality machinery and industrial equipment of the most prestigious companies.

One of them, Okuma has always been a pioneer, from mass production to high-precision operations.
Bang & Olufsen In the world of sound and picture, Bang & Olufsen stands out as an exception.

Since the foundation in 1925, the Danish company has accomplished to associate excellence in technological performance with aestheticism and emotional pleasure.

This unique association and the creativity of the brand creates the added value found in the Bang & Olufsen products.
Sparco Established in 1976, the Italian company is a world leader in motorsports equipment with a specific experience in safety related items such as fire-resistant overalls, competitions seats, roll-cages, etc.

Thanks to its high-quality craftsmanship, Sparco is supplier to the majority of top drivers and teams in all series such as F1, CART, Rally, NASCAR, to name a few.
Puma Founded in Germany in 1948, PUMA is one of the world's largest providers of athletic footwear, apparel and accessories, with a global distribution base reaching sport retailers and department stores in over 80 countries world-wide.

Manufactured for a wide range of sport categories, PUMA products include soccer, running, sports lifestyle, cross training, basketball and tennis.

PUMA has blessed the feet of some of the most legendary athletes and Olympians in the world including Boris Becker, Walt Frazier, Reggie Jackson and Pelé.
Ray-Ban Ray-Ban is the leading sunglass brand in the world and also a legend.

Born in 1937 for a request of the Army Air Corp of Engineers, the brand has always been made famous over the years by celebrities in the movie and music industry.

For premium sunglass wearers, Ray-Ban means timeless design, clean style and impeccable performance.

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