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Pedro de la Rosa
Team Prost 2001

Full Name Pedro Martinez DE LA ROSA
Date and Place of birth 24th February 1971 in Barcelona (Spain)
Nationality Spain
Barcelona (Spain)
Height 1,78 meters
Weight 74 kilos
Marital status Single
Children None
Favourite music Spanish Pop, Rock
Favourite food Pasta
Hobbies Radio controlled cars, fishing, karting, mountainbikes
First Grand Prix 7th March 1999, Melbourne, Australia, on Arrows
First Grand Prix for Team Prost Pedro did not yet drive a race for Team Prost

Pedro's career year by year

1989 Spanish Formula Fiat Uno Champion
1990 Spanish Formula Ford 1600 Champion
1991 4th in Formula Renault championship
1992 British Formula Renault Champion
European Formula Renault Champion
1993 British Formula 3 Championship
3rd place at West Surrey race
1994 British Formula 3 Championship
1995 Japanese Formula 3 Championship
All Japan Formula 3 Champion
(8 pole positions, 8 wins)
1996 8th in Formula Nippon Formula 3000
8th in All Japan GT Championship
Formula 3 Paul Stewart (Macau)
1997 Formula Nippon Formula 3000 (10 podium finishes)
All Japan GT Champion (with Michael Krumm)
(2 wins, 1x 2nd, 1x 3rd)
"1997 Driver of the Year", elected by the JMA
1998 Formula 1 test driver for Jordan Mugen-Honda
1999 Formula 1 World Championship with Arrows TWR
(1 point, 18th)
2000 Formula 1 World Championship with Arrows Supertec
2001 Formula 1 test driver for Team Prost Grand Prix

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