News of 30th November 2003

Alain Prost with Ferrari in 2004?

Due to the French newspaper "Le Parisien", Alain will be in Monza (Italy) on March 28, 2004, racing a Ferrari 550 Maranello. Due to "Le Parisien", Hugues de Chaunac from ORECA would be involved in this project. The French newspaper also informed, that Alain will race the complete 2004 Championship run of the FIA GT!

However, I personally didn't receive an official confirmation of this rumour yet. As we know, there have been many wrong rumours about Alain lately. But I have contacted ORECA as well as FIA GT and will keep you posted if I hear any confirmation or denials.

The coming weekend, Alain will drive his first Trophy Andros race on the brand new Toyota Corolla! We already wish him all the best! ALLEZ ALAIN!

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