News of 30th April 2002

Alain was at the Spanish Grand Prix

Alain was invited to the Spanish Grand Prix by Jean Todt from Ferrari. Anyway, Alain was at the race track for about four hours only. He has been seen going into the Ferrari Motorhome and into the Ferrari pits, where he talked with Luciano Burti. Alain was saying that he was at the Grand Prix "to work, not for fun". This could mean that he was "working" for Ferrari then...

Due to rumours Alain was talking for a long time with Juan-Pablo Montoya's manager Julian Jacobi and Juan-Pablos dad. Would this mean that Ferrari is interested in Montoya, but lets Alain do the talks? I don't think this would make a lot of sense... But who knows? However it was nice to see Alain back in Formula 1, even if it was only for a short time...

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