News of 26th January 2003

Alain Prost is in Serre Chevalier (France) today for his second race in Andros Trophy. He is not doing too bad and said he still has fun, although it's a more difficult track for him than the week before in Lans en Vercors. Alain: "Fun is here, but of course I would prefer being on the top than behind! My style is not adapted to ice, I have to adapt the style of other drivers. If the ice is good, like yesterday, I'm adapting better..."

There were stories on the internet lately suggesting that Alain Prost might be running Jaguar Racing F1 team. When Marc Minari (TF1) asked Alain in an interview about the truth in this rumours, Alain answered: "I have seen this story on the internet just like you. After the liquidation of Team Prost Grand Prix there were lots of things on the internet which you better don't pay credit to. Just because well it's true, I can take part of the persons on the list. But for the moment I'm concentrating on the other things and we will see later."

This sounds like an interesting comment of Alain! I'm sure we will hear more about this later...

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