News of 24th May 2010

Alain Prost teams up with Sébastian Loeb!

Alain Prost announced some days ago, that he will take part in the 2010 Race of Champions. It's the first time that Alain will participate in this event, which will be held in Düsseldorf (Germany) this year.

Alain said: "Iím very happy to be able to participate in The Race of Champions at last. In the past the date has always clashed with other commitments like the Andros Trophy ice racing championship, but this year it finally works. It will be an absolute pleasure to race with great drivers from different disciplines and different generations. Iím really looking forward to the experience."

When Alain was asked if he had a preference about his team-mate in the ROC Nations Cup, he answered: "Yes, I would prefer to be with Sébastian Loeb, because he does a different sport from me, he's a six-time world rally champion and also a nice guy. For me the personality is very important, not only the success, and that's why I would like to be with him. Sébastien hopes to make it but he still has to wait for CitroŽn to clear the dates and finalise their test programme. So it's still uncertain but it would be a unique experience to have France's two biggest champions ever in F1 and world rallying compete together in our event so we'll do everything we can to make it happen."

In the meantime, it's also official, that Sébastian Loeb will be Alain's team-mate. Sébastian Loeb said: "What makes The Race of Champions exciting is that itís the only event where you have to compete against drivers from different disciplines. You also have to adapt very quickly to each type of car and itís just a question of feeling. Iím delighted to be racing with Alain, who is a driver I admire for what he has achieved in his career. I think we make up a good Team France so Iím sure we can work well together in the ROC Nations Cup. I know teams like Germany are always strong but for sure weíll try everything to win it."

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Alain Prost Infopage © by Oskar Schuler, Switzerland