News of 22nd September 2002

Alain Prost took part in Rominger-Classic and finished in the top 10

Alain after finishing the Rominger-Classic!

Today, 22nd September 2002, Alain Prost took part in the Rominger-Classic bicycle race. The race started in Engelberg, a beautiful village in the centre of Switzerland, which is mainly known for the famous mount Titlis and as a ski resort.

The race took part in one of the nicest regions of Switzerland, close to Lucerne. The timed race itself started in Grafenort, 8 kilometres from the start in Engelberg. After that the bicyclers drove to Dallenwil, Ennetbürgen, then drove by Buochs (from where you can see Gersau, the village I grew up, on the other side of the lake), followed by Stansstad, Sarnen, Flüeli, Stans and then back to Ennetbürgen, Dallenwil, Grafenort and Engelberg - 102 kilometres in total. The last 8 kilometres were leading up a steep mountain road, with a height difference of about 430 metres in this last section!

Alain in foggy Engelberg!Sounds good so far, the only bad thing about it: It was raining cats and dogs, it was cold and it was foggy, so you saw almost nothing! There were over 1'500 people taking part in this race, but probably less than than 100 fans were cheering for them at the start/finish line, because of the bad weather conditions! On the right side you can see two pictures showing Alain Prost at the Rominger-Classic. He started with the number 19 for the Phonak Team. And Alain drove a fantastic race! The final results are still to come, but Alain was obviously finishing in the top ten, quite far ahead of professional drivers like Tony Rominger himself! Alain didn't seem tired at all and was talking with some people, then left to change clothes. Hours after Alain arrived at the finish line, there were still many bicyclers out there fighting with the rain, fog and mountain!

More information about where to order official photos of this event and more will follow in the next few weeks...

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