News of 17th July 2003

Alain Prost: Ambassador for Uniroyal

Alain Prost in Belgium

Picture: Alain during press conference in Belgium

Alain Prost just became an official Ambassador for Uniroyal, which belongs to the Continental group. Continental is the tyre manufacturer for the tyres used last winter on Alain's Opel Astra in Trophy Andros ice racing series.

Alain has been in Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) on July 12, where he was participating at a press conference and started the VW Beetle Fun Cup. Alain said during the press conference: "After the Trophy Andros races I have been in Finland to test tyres on snow and ice. It was big fun to work together with the engineers and I have learned of new technologies, which were unthinkable at the time I was driving in Formula 1."

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