News of 17th April 2003

Alain: "Nicolas deserves the pleasure" - and more news

In an interview with Denis Terrapon from the Swiss newspaper "La Côte", Alain said that Nicolas has only half the experience than the other drivers in Formula Campus series, in which Nicolas will drive his first race during the Easter weekend in Nogaro. But Alain also thinks that this should not necessarily be too much of a handicap. "Nicolas deserves the pleasure after all the studies" said Alain, talking of Nicolas' studies at Columbia University in New York (USA).

Alain obviously will not attend the first race of his son Nicolas. But due to Nicolas, his parents Anne-Marie and Alain will surely visit some other Formula Campus races this season...

Alain himself will drive more bicycle races in 2003. AP-H3 knows that he will drive at least part of the so called "Vittel-Trophy", a bicycle race in Switzerland named after the main sponsor "Vittel" (drinking water by Nestle)... - Alain also has a new personal sponsor: TAG-Heuer (watches and glasses)...

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