News of 15th January 2003

Alain is driving an Opel Astra in Andros Trophy!

Alain Prost, January 2003

TV capture: TF1

As written in previous news, Alain will take part in the last four races of the French ice race series "Trophée Andros".

Here the exact dates of the four ice races Alain will compete in:

  •  17.01.2003 - 18.01.2003: Lans en Vercors (night race)
  •  25.01.2003 - 26.01.2003: Serre Chevalier
  •  07.02.2003 - 08.02.2003: Super Besse (night race)
  •  16.03.2003: Noeux Les Mines

AP-H3 wishes Alain good luck and lots of pleasure at these races!

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