News of 13th March 2005

Alain Prost: GT Championship & GPWC!

Many fans ask me regularly, what Alain is doing right now. So, here is the reply: Alain is working as a consultant for the GPWC (Grand Prix World Championship). Members of the GPWC are Mercedes (DaimlerChrisler), BMW and Renault. You can find more about the GPWC on their official website:

Alain is working at the definition of the regulations, the technological options and the choice of race tracks used.

Due to French news agencies, Alain Prost will participate in the first three races of the French GT Championship alongside Jean-Pierre Jabouille. He obviously will also race with his son Nicolas Prost in Le Mans. There were such rumours for a long time but now it seems that the contracts are signed. However, I have not yet seen an official statement by Alain Prost...

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Alain Prost Infopage © by Oskar Schuler, Switzerland