News of 12th September 2008

Alain supports Disneyland track and might soon be racing against Michael Schumacher!

Back in May 2008, Toyota announced their retirement from the Andros Trophy, leaving Alain without a car for the season 2008/2009. However, Alain announced this week that he will again be competing in the Andros Trophy ice racing championship this coming winter and that he will be driving the Toyota Auris again.

Alain said: "Even if the commitment of Toyota is not as official, we continue with the same team but maybe with less means. We will ensure that we can defend the title acquired in the past year"

At the same time, there are strong rumours that Michael Schumacher will be racing in the Andros Trophy for Fiat. Alain told regarding the possible arrival of Michael Schumacher: "Like everyone, I heard discussions that Michael Schumacher would be able to race a Fiat and of course I'd be delighted."

Due to reports from the Austrian news agency APA, Alain Prost is also supporting a bid of Paris suburb's Marne-la-Vallée to host the French Grand Prix in future. The event would be as environmentally friendly as possible, with solar power and trees neutralising emissions. Besides Alain Prost the project is also supported by Arnaud Lagardère and Disney (the track would be in the area of Disneyland Paris). Maybe the term "Mickey Mouse track" could get a completely new meaning in future...

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Alain Prost Infopage © by Oskar Schuler, Switzerland