News of 12th January 2003

Alain is driving an Opel Astra in Andros Trophy!

Alain Prost, December 2002

Photo: Auto-Plus

Today an exclusive live interview with Alain was shown on French TV channel TF1, in the weekly show "auto-moto"!

Alain was answering the questions of Marc Minari and Jean-Louis Moncet over satellite, as he was standing out in the snow, because he takes part in an ice race. Alain will take part in the last four races of the "Trophée Andros".

Alain will be driving an Opel Astra, which is one of the best cars of the Andros Trophy. But Alain said that it's a completely diffent driving than he is used to. Because you are sliding around so much on the snow and ice, but also because in some corners the car still slides backwards, while the driver has to shift up a gear already. Alain mentioned that without some good professors he would never have been able to do it so soon. He said, that he is just driving for the fun of it, he doesn't expect any points, he will just drive and have fun and then see which position will be possible in the race.

Alain also confirmed that his son Nicolas, who studies economics at the college in Columbia (USA), is now starting to drive in "Formula Campus". Alain is not stopping Nicolas but was saying that he is not very happy over his son's idea, as Alain thinks that "studies are more important". Of course we remember that Alain was thinking different when he was still in the age of Nicolas...

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