News of 8th February 2003

Alain's first victory in Andros Trophy!

Alain Prost in Andros Trophy

Photo: Dmitry Kalenik

Alain Prost is back to the top! - He achieved his first race win in the French Andros Trophy (a car on ice racing series). He already had a good first qualifying session, which put him into second position on the starting grid. In the race, Alain was faster than everybody else and won. Marcel Tarres, the leader of the championship 2003, finished behind Alain in second position! Congratulations, Alain!

This was only Alain's fifth race in the series, a night race on snow. Which shows the talent of Alain once again! Today (08.02.2003) Alain will drive the second race in "Super Besse - Clermont Ferrand"! ALLEZ ALAIN!

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