News of 2nd October 2009

Alain Prost with Dacia, Renault or Todt?

It has been almost one year since my last news article on So it's definitely time to share the latest rumours about Alain Prost with you.

First of all, it looks like Alain Prost is still in contacts with Renault and will possibly be working in some way with Renault F1 next year. Due to insiders, the main reason for Alain not signing a contract before was that Alain wanted a salary which Renault considered too high.

On the other hand the chances are good that Jean Todt will become the next FIA president. Alain has confirmed in interviews, that he would see himself working in an advisory role for Jean Todt if he would be elected. Alain has known known Jean for 30 years and always admired him. Alain thinks that Jean Todt would bring renewed excellence to the FIA, and that he would also be a superb global ambassador for France.

Last but not least, it looks like Alain will be racing in the French Andros Trophy ice racing series again! Due to insiders, Alain will race a Dacia Sandero GT. It's probably no coincidence that Dacia is owned by the Renault Group. The car will obviously be prepared by Tork Engineering. This is the same company which also prepared Alain's Toyota in the previous seasons.

None of all this has been officially announced. The Andros Trophy press presentation will be held on November 21, 2009 and the first race of the season will take place in Val Thorens on December 5, 2009! So, we will know more by then!

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Alain Prost Infopage © by Oskar Schuler, Switzerland