News of 2nd June 2006

Alain selling his FW15 / Prost stamps in Austria

Alain will be auctioning off the Williams FW15 which he bought from Frank Williams. The car (chassis number 5) has been used in the last seven Grand Prix of 1993 and Alain won his last F1-race in that car. However, Alain never drives the car anymore, as you would not only need to reserve a race track for this, but you would also need several engineers to make it run...

The auction will take place on Monday, 12th June 2006 in Paris (France). It is expected that Alain's F1 car will be sold between 300'000 and 500 000 €uros...

On Wednesday, 7th June 2006, the Austrian Post will publish Formula 1 legends stamps, one of them depicting Alain Prost. See below for a picture of the stamps block. It can be ordered for EUR 5,95 at the Austrian post office.

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Alain Prost Infopage © by Oskar Schuler, Switzerland