News of 29th January 2003

Alain: flowers for Sarah Fisher!

Alain Prost & Sarah Fisher 2003

TV capture: TF1

Female IndyCar driver Sarah Fisher received the trophy for the "Discovery of the Year" as well as some flowers out of the hands of Alain Prost during the "Festival Automobile International"! She received the award on 28th January 2003 at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. Sarah was travelling to France especially for that event. Alain used the possibility to talk with Sarah about the IndyCar racing series and about the race ambiance in the USA. Alain was very impressed by this young lady who drives so fast around the ovals.

Sarah Fisher, who also met Michael Schumacher that day, said that both Alain and Schumacher are wonderful men and were very friendly. "It was a rare and exciting privilege for me to receive the award at the Festival in Paris and especially to be able to meet and talk with legendary drivers Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher. They were very kind to me and knew a lot about the IRL IndyCar Series. It was an experience I'll never forget!"

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