News of 1st December 2002

Alain interested in NASCAR

Alain was one of many racing celebrities that attended the Winston Cup finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway. And Alain wasn't there only for the fun.

Alain said: "I have never been before -- this is my first time. I wanted to see the ambience and to see a few people, to understand the business and to get some information about this series..."

Alain said he watched NASCAR races on TV: "I watch NASCAR very often on TV and I like it. But I had never been to see the cars and the people and it is quite nice. We can watch NASCAR -- Winston (Cup) and Busch. It's not always easy, you know, like watching Formula 1 in the States. But we have good programs and it's a very good thing".

Alain admitted that his trip was a fact-finding excursion for some possible European sponsors. When Alain was asked if he was interested in any NASCAR team involvement, he answered: "You never know! I quite like the ambience of motorsports in this country, so I am looking at a possibility. I cannot say more. But, I am trying to understand it, first. There is a huge interest for this series, even for sponsors, in Europe. I am more or less mandated by companies that asked me to see if it is interesting or not".

Alain toured Homestead's garage areas with Busch Series owner George deBidart, who has two teams in need of sponsorship in 2003.When Alain was asked if he will attend Speedweeks 2003 events in Daytona (NASCAR's opening event of the season), he only said: "Maybe".

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