The Prost JS45 (1997)

Technical description

Chassis Carbon composite monocoque designed and manufactured by Prost Grand Prix. Mugen-Honda MF-301H B V10 engine installed as a fully stressed member attached to the rearmost monocoque bulkhead
Front suspension Double wishbone and pushrod with suspension units located on top of the monocoque
Rear suspension Double wishbone and pushrod
Brakes Prost Grand Prix specification. Brembo and/or AP one-piece callipers and master cylinders with Carbone Industries carbon fibre discs
Transmission Transverse semi-automatic six-speed gearbox. Manual control, multi-plate clutch
Fuel system ATL rubber fuel cell mounted within the monocoque structure behind the cockpit
Oil system 8-litre capacity oil tank located within the bell housing
Cooling system Separate water radiators in each side pod plus oil radiator on right hand side of engine
Electric system 12-Volt system with light batteries
Main dimensions Wheelbase: 2995 mm
Front track: 1693 mm
Rear track: 1608 mm
Length: 4335 mm
Height: 950 mm
Width: 1995 mm
Tyres Bridgestone

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