TAG HEUER, 01.06.2008

Q&A: Alain Prost - Jury member

A new competition is launched: The TAG Heuer Racing Awards!

A few days after the 2 most prestigious races in the world at Monaco and Indianapolis, a brand new and independent competition has been launched to determine the best racing driver on the planet. The TAG Heuer Racing Awards will be an accurate way of determining the best driver at any period in time, and at the end of any year. Using a jury of ex-drivers, team principles, race promoters and journalists, TAG Heuer has produced its own method of judging skills and analyzing results on a weekly basis. Using an objective criteria validated by the panel of 8 international motor racing experts, race results will be analyzed every Monday. The 5 categories selected are Formula One, GP2, Indycar, NASCAR and the World Rally Championship. Below a Q&A with jury member Alain Prost...

What do I think about the concept and the methodology?
This concept is unique, the perfect virtual calculation to know the best driver of the world. Don't know if we will really identify the real one, as many differences between the categories but the idea is simple and understandable. About the methodology, I think it was fair to place all the categories at the same level (why should we give priority to F1 or WRC versus Nascar or Indy ?) but it was also important to take into account the number of drivers / races per category to attribute the points.

Why did I decide to enter this jury?
I always had a personal interest for any type of motoracing worldwide. I'm not yet 100% convinced about the principles and I would really like to exchange with the other jury members. Itís the 1st initiative like that and it was important to be involved, to see if any future changes could be made to be more accurate (for example, why not giving more points to the winner, having a public vote...)

What do I expect from the ranking?
I think the public will be given information about categories and drivers they may have never heard about before. It also a good comparison between racing cars typology. I wish we could also celebrate fresh young talents, like the ranking promoted Hamilton in 2006, even before he entered F1 and became Vice Champion in 2007.

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