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Marie's Personal Profile

Name Marie Prost
Children André
I have no knowledge regarding other children
Grand-children Daniel (born end 1952, died 17.09.1986)
Alain (born 24.02.1955)

Marie Prost

It's nearly impossible to get any information regarding Alain's family. It's difficult enough to find information regarding his wife and his parents, but regarding the grandparents, as I said, it's nearly impossible. All I know 100 % sure is that the above picture shows Alain's grandma. He called here "mémé Marie". So, it has to be the mother of Alain's dad André, as the mother of Alain's mother Marie-Rose was called Victoria.

Alain wrote in his book "Vive ma vie" that she had a heart of gold. Obviously Marie had an animal farm where Alain was taking care of the animals and driving the tractor when he was on a visit.

As soon as I will find more information, I will post it here.

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