Bernard Dudot   

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Bernard Dudot
Team Prost 1997 - 1999

Name Bernard Dudot
Date and Place of birth 30th January 1939 in Nancy, France
Nationality French
Paris / France
Marital status Single
Children One son

Bernard Dudots's career, 1983-1999

Educated at CESTI (Industrial Engineering College), Paris
1967 Set up and ran the engines department for Alpine Renault
1973 Developed 2-litre normally aspirated V6 and Turbo charged units for Renault Gordini
1974 Manager of the Renault Gordini Le Mans project
1978 Chief Engineer (Engines) for Renault Gordini
1980 Technical Director for Renault Sport
1997 Joins Team Prost Grand Prix as Technical Director
1998 Technical Director of Team Prost Grand Prix
1999 Technical Director of Team Prost Grand Prix
2000 As Bernard Dudot is no longer working for Team Prost Grand Prix, there will be no more updates to this page...

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