UNIROYAL, 25.02.2004

7 professional tips for driving more safely in the rain

"In the wet a few millimetres can decide if you stop or flop."

By choosing the correct tyres, you make an important investment in your own safety. In all types of weather and in any road conditions, you must be able to rely on your tyres. Professionals like Alain Prost go with the specialist in the wet: Uniroyal Rain Tyres.

Alain Prost - otherwise known as "The Professor" due to his analytical abilities - offers 7 tips for more driving more safely in the rain:

Tip 1: Choose the right tyre.

"A wet street is a dangerous street. That's why you need a tyre that performs flawlessly in slippery conditions. Uniroyal tyres are exceptional when it comes to aquaplaning, wet and slippery streets."

Tip 2: What you can learn from the design.

"Uniroyal tyres have what is called a V-shaped tread pattern. This directs water to flow off and maintains contact with the road. As a result, you will experience solid performance in dry conditions and excellent grip in the wet."

Tip 3: Use your head when braking.

"When it rains, the risk of being involved in a traffic accident increases. It is particularly important to brake properly if your car does not have ABS. If your tyres lock in wet conditions, take your foot off the brake slowly and steer into a safe position."

Tip 4: Keeping a two second gap.

"Whilst this rule of thumb is right for dry weather in wet conditions you need to keep a greater distance between your car and the car in front to reduce the risk for you and other road users."

Tip 5: Get a grip on aquaplaning.

"On straight roads and on bends, water is an unpredictable enemy. Only one thing will help: Uniroyal Rain Tyres to give you adequate protection against aquaplaning."

Tip 6: Look out for leaves!

"You need to be particularly careful when autumn covers the roads with wet leaves. That seemingly romantic avenue can quickly turn dangerous and slippery. Here as well, only excellent rain tyres can prevent skidding in critical conditions."

Tip 7: Have fun!

"No matter which season - you should enjoy the pleasure of driving. Thatīs why I recommend tyres that provide safety, comfort and relaxed driving in dry or wet weather conditions - and donīt forget a stylish design. Uniroyal, the rain tyres with the umbrella symbol."

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