UNIROYAL, 24.10.2004

7 professional tips for increased safety in winter.

"Top performance in wet conditions makes winter routes safer."

Because safety and comfort are a priority in winter weather, by changing from summer to winter tyres at the right time you will be giving yourself a huge advantage. Especially when it is icy, wet or slushy outside you need to be protected against aquaplaning, and your tyre´s performance needs to be geared toward wet winter road conditions. With this in mind, professionals chosse the specialist for slippery, winter roads: winter tyres from Uniroyal.

Tip 1: Greater confidence with winter tyres.

"Wet, icy and snow roads are especially tricky. That´s why you need a tyre that offers superior wet weather performance in winter. Uniroyal´s winter tyres have exceptional resistance to aquaplaning on winter roads as well as in slushy, cold weather."

Tip 2: The tread pattern design is a sign of character.

"Winter tyres from Uniroyal are designed with a hydrodynamic, directional tread pattern. This allows water to flow away from the tyre so that excellent road performance is still achieved. there is hardly a better way to deal with aquaplaning."

Tip 3: Keep your cool when braking.

"When roads change into ice rinks, driving cautiously and braking wisely can decrease the incidence of difficult situations. Should your brakes still lock on a wet road, stay calm: briefly take your foot off the brake and steer again."

Tip 4: Keep your distance.

"Especially in winter, when the roads are slippery, you need to keep a safe distance from the car in front. Since road conditions can change often, there is no general rule for how great the distance should be. Just keep in mind: a few extra metres distance gives you and the drivers around you additional safety."

Tip 5: Wet weather performance is essential in winter.

"Wetness on winter roads can put any driver into difficult situations; both on straight as well as winding roads. Only one thing will help: winter tyres from Uniroyal that offer optimum performance in wet conditions and increased resistance to aquaplaning."

Tip 6: Powerful cars need a tailor-made solution.

"Drivers of high-performance cars in the medium and upper medium range segments also want to drive safely as well as quickly in the winter. The Uniroyal MS plus 55 V is designed to meet their expectations. This tyre combines perfect protection from aquaplaning with good straight line stability and transmission power."

Tip 7: Trust the specialist.

"Especially in wet winter conditions, we want to be safe on any route we take. So I recommend tyres that are specially designed to improve grip on wet surfaces. Uniroyal, the rain tyre with the umbrella symbol."

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