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Luciano Burti
Team Prost 2001

Name Luciano BURTI
Date and Place of birth 5th March 1975 in Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Nationality Brazilian
Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Cambridge (Great Britain)
Height 1,76 meter
Weight 69 kilos
Marital status Single
Children None
Favourite music Rock
Favourite food Italian food
Hobbies Jogging, karting
First Grand Prix 16th July 2000, Spielberg, Austria, on Jaguar
First Grand Prix for Team Prost 29th April 2001, Barcelona, Spain

Luciano's races for Prost

F1-Races driven for Team Prost 0
GP Wins on Prost 0
Second places on Prost 0
Third places on Prost 0
Fourth places on Prost 0
Fifth places on Prost 0
Sixth places on Prost 0
Races in the points on Prost 0
Pole Positions on Prost 0
Front rows on Prost 0
Fastest laps on Prost 0
Points on Prost 0
Races led on Prost 0
World Titles on Prost 0

Luciano's career year by year

1991 First kart race
1992 5th place in the São Paulo Kart Championship. 3rd place in Pakalolo Kart Championship. Young Driver Trophy Winner.
1993 Finished 7th in Sao Paulo Kart Championship, and 3rd in the Summer Karting Championship of Campinas.
1994 4th place in Sao Paulo Kart Championship. Crowned South American Karting Champion, Campeonato. Also crowned Aberto de Kart Champion and Pakalolo Kart Champion. 5th place in Pan American Kart Championship and 8th place in the World Karting Championship.
1995 São Paulo Kart Champion and winner of the Brazil 24 Hours kart race.
1996 3rd place in Formula Vauxhall Junior Championship with Martin Donnelly Racing, four wins.
Formula Vauxhall Winter series Champion with Paul Stewart Racing.
1997 Formula Vauxhall champion with Stewart Racing
1998 3rd place in British Formula 3 Championship with Stewart Racing, two wins.
Stewart Formula 1 test driver.
1999 2nd place in the British Formula 3 Championship with Stewart Racing, five wins. Stewart Formula 1 test driver.
2000 Formula 1 test driver for Jaguar Racing. Formula 1 debut (replacing Eddie Irvine) at the Austrian Grand Prix, where he finished 11th.
2001 Formula 1 with Jaguar Racing for four races, then replacing Gastón Mazzacane. Team Prost Grand Prix

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