The Prost Peugeot AP03 (2000)

Technical description

Chassis Carbon composite monocoque designed and manufactured at Prost Grand Prix. Peugeot Sport A20 V10 engine. Combined oil circuit, with engine and gearbox supply located between the engine and the cockpit.
Front and rear suspension Push rod operated torsion bars and carbon composite wishbones
Brakes Prost Grand Prix system. AP Racing calipers.
Transmission Longitudinal semi-automatic seven-speed gearbox. PGP design, manufactured by X-Trac. Hand controlled AP Racing multi-plate carbon clutch.
Fuel system ATL rubber fuel cell mounted within the monocoque structure behind the cockpit.
Cooling system None-symmetrical. Separate water radiators in each side pod, plus oil (gear box and engine) radiator on left hand side of engine.
Electric system 12-Volt system with light batteries.
Main dimensions Not available
Tyres Bridgestone

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