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André's Personal Profile

Name André Prost
Profession Artisan, furniture-dealer
Father's name Antoine Prost
Mother's name Marie Prost
Spouse name Marie-Rose Prost-Karatchian
Children 2 sons:
  • Daniel (born 1953, died 17.09.1986)
  • Alain (born 24.02.1955)
Grand-children 4 grand-children:
Hobbies Mushrooms, thrush hunting

André Prost

It's very difficult to find information about Alain Prost's family in books, newspapers and magazines... Alain himself said about his dad, that he was very calm, indulgent and understanding. Due to Alain, his dad practically never talked unless to grumble from time to time.

Alain's dad suffered of cancer. On April 9 2016 he was brought to the hospital at Nice (France), where he died on April 20, 2016. As soon as more information becomes available, it will be added on this page.

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