The Peugeot engine A20 (2000)

Technical description

Number of cylinders V 10 at 72 °
Cubic capacity 2998 cm³
Timing by gear group
Valves 4 per cylinder, with pneumatic return
Cylinder block and cylinder heads Light alloy
Camshafts 2 per row of cylinders
Fuel feed and ignition TAG Electronic control
Dimensions length: 583 mm; width: 544 mm; height: 376 mm
Weight less than 120 kg
The Peugeot A20 Formula 1 engine is a new generation engine, totally new, lighter and more compact than the A18. Its reduced size and weight allow the AP03's centre of gravity to be lowered appreciably. Work has focused mainly on bringing improvements to the power, the control of power delivery and driveability.

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