European Grand Prix, 1999 - Friday Press Conference

Alain, there have been so many rumours suggesting that Jarno may join Jordan for the final two races this year. What can you tell us about this? Do you expect him to stay with you?
For sure we have a contract with Nick for next year, but the contract does not cover the end of this year. In that case, Mercedes and McLaren would obviously have to be involved, but like you and Jarno I have seen a lot of rumours in the press. If there something is to happen, I would first have to receive a request from Eddie, and only then would I ask Jarno what he might want to do. I would also have to consider what was best for the team in the next two races, and also for the future. But unless I receive a request I have nothing to consider.

So the process would have to start with Eddie Jordan?
Yes, sure. I have not talked to Jarno about this situation because I am still waiting for something to happen.

There has been a report that you would be happy to sell part of your team to Peugeot. Is that true?
That was a comment that I made during the year when I was asked a question by an English journalist about the Peugeot situation. I told him that the best for the team - or for any team in general - would be to have an investment from a major manufacturer. As I said, it would be good for the long-term stability of the team, and to show the manufacturer's commitment to the team and to Formula 1. But it is not a very recent declaration ...

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