1921 - 1954

In the year 1921, Alain's grandmother Victoria flees from the massacres in Armenia to France. When she finally arrives in France, she feels relieved. She goes to Lyon, a city in France, but other people from Armenia tell her, that there are only very few jobs available. They propose to go to Saint-Etienne or Saint-Chamond as it would be easier to find a job there - and they are right. Victoria finds a job very soon as a household help. After some time, she meets her future husband, who is Armenian as well, his name is Karatchian. Some years later, Victoria has a baby girl. Her name: Marie-Rose Karatchian.

At this time, Alain's grandfather on his father's side, his name is Prost, works as a book-keeper in a big factory. He and his wife have a son called André Prost.

Around 1950, André Prost and Marie-Rose Karatchian get married and move to a simple house at the address 21, rue Dugas-Montbel, 42400 St. Chamond. In the first-floor, there is the studio of the company "Toutube", founded by Alain's dad André Prost. They mainly produce elements for chairs and kitchen tables. Both André and Marie-Rose Prost are working in the studio.

Their business goes well. At the end of the year 1952, they got their first child: it's a son. They call him "Daniel".

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