CHANNEL 9, 07.11.1993

Alain Prost - after his final race

This interview is also available in French!
Best thanks to Laszlo Keating from Australia for writing down this interview and sending it to me!

This interview was done after Alain's final race in Australia 1993 and was shown on Australian TV-channel "Channel 9". The interview was done by Jackie Stewart.

Jackie Stewart: Your final grand prix, I'm sure you would rather have won it, but you had a comfortable in the end 2nd place.
Alain Prost: Ah yes, it was a difficult race and for sure I would have loved to win it, but I knew it would be difficult today anyway, it was ah, the end of the season is more difficult for us because we lost part of our advantage and um McLaren and Ayrton are going very well this end of the season, this track is ah, was difficult for us, and the race ah the race, I think I did a good race, but it was very difficult to do better than that, I mean I can't complain about the traffic or things like this but I think Ayrton had some problems too and the car was going, you know, was fantastic, um but ah I am quite happy to finish with a good result and with a good race.

J.S.: Alain, you seemed very close to the end of the race Damon almost got through underneath you at the end of Brabham straight, it looked like you were over to the left a little bit, was that an intentional late entry that you had there? because Damon seemed to have enough space to get through?
A.P.: What do you mean? If I went on the left?

J.S.: Yeah, you seemed to be a little bit more to the left when Damon got in there close to the end of the race.
A.P.: Yeah, he was quicker than me in the straight, because he had a different setup with the wing and I thought maybe if he wanted to, to overtake me that was the best place but I braked very late, I braked very late and thats why I went a little bit more to the left.

J.S.: So it wasn't a gentlemanly move, it was a late braking move?
A.P.: No I did not want to close the door, I just wanted to brake late as possible, and ah and go and take my corner, like this way we have less risk to touch each other.

J.S.: Well congratulations on your fourth world championship and so many grands prix, a great contribution to motor sport, happy retirement and maybe we can play more golf!
A.P.: Yeah exactly, thank you Jackie!

Interview written down by Laszlo Keating - taken from Australian TV Channel 9!

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