CHANNEL 9, 07.11.1993

Alain Prost - just before his last GP

This interview is also available in French!
Best thanks to Laszlo Keating from Australia for writing down this interview and sending it to me!

This interview was done just before Alain's final race on Sunday afternoon and was shown on Australian TV-channel "Channel 9". The interview was done by former 500cc World Champion Barry Sheene.

Barry Sheene: In the warm-up this morning did you have any problems?
Alain Prost: Yes, I still have some big problems with the car, with the handling of the car, but I have to choose between the race car and the T-car. Today we are allowed to do that. I should change again my set-up for this afternoon, on a race like this one, everything is still possible. For sure I don't have the car very comfortable to drive over the bumps and compared with the McLaren and Benetton especially on full tank and I think it could be a little bit better after a few laps but at the beginning of the race we are going to be in trouble, but the race is very long, we have a good tyre wear, so we don't know if we are going to stop yet, but I am not optimistic or pessimistic, I am just, just think that I will try to do the best race possible and I know that the competivity of this morning is not going to reflect everything in the race, but I know it is going to be very, very tough.

B.S.: And what is the situation if it rains, would you be in a better situation or a worse situation?
A.P.: What, if it rains?

B.S.: If it rains!
A.P.: I think it could be even worse, could be even worse because over the bumps and the car is already very difficult to drive and also on this track when it is very wet you also have a lot of water, standing water, so it could be much worse.

B.S.: And what's the situation at the start, we have seen you and Senna together at the start before, being this is your last race, is it going to be any different approach?
A.P.: No, I don't think about that, I don't think about Senna, sometimes I prefer to see him ahead of me than behind me... (Laughter)... and for the last race I will try to do the best start as possible, if he starts first which is, should be the case normally, because he is on pole, then it will be a different race, if I start first, I will try to stay ahead, but I know it is going to be difficult, so I don't think the start will be the everything for the race, you know it is not the most important.

B.S.: You know we have seen some of your starts this year, so maybe you have saved the best till last?
A.P.: Exactly, but you know each time I started first, at the first corner I did not win the race, which is unusual but I am not on pole so I should not start first maybe I win the last race, it's not a very, very good car at the moment, but I will try to do my best anyway.

B.S.: Good luck, I hope you are really happy after the race!
A.P.: Yeah, exactly I should be, yeah, it will be a very difficult moment, but I hope to finish well!

B.S.: Thanks a lot, Alain!
A.P.: Thank you, Barry!

Interview written down by Laszlo Keating - taken from Australian TV Channel 9!

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