Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, 1997 - Friday Press Conference

This press conference transcript is also available in French!

Alain, is it interesting to be working with Bridgestone after working with Goodyear for so long?
Sure, but I worked with Goodyear as a driver, and now it's different. I can say it's very good to have a tyre competition in F1. We are really pleased to work with Bridgestone. It is a new challenge for them and for us. Already the tyres are very competitive. They were competitive in testing, but we have less experience in hot weather. It looks good for the season.

What do you think of your new position as team owner?
It is tiring! I must say I had an unbelievable pressure today when the cars went out of the garage... especially when they went off the track and into the gravel! It was not very different from when I was a driver or last year at McLaren because when you are part of a team, you are part of the family. So I feel about the same. Today, however, I would have loved to have a better day for the team.

What sort of style of management will you use?
Adopt a winning management. I am already involved in everything. It is a little bit tiring because I want to be everywhere. But it is the way I should do it, especially at the beginning. I don't want to delegate too much now because I have a lot of things to learn and I prefer to be in the middle of everything.

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