Japanese Grand Prix 2000 - Friday Press Conference

Alain, you have announced your engine deal with Ferrari for 2001, and also the departure of Gauloises as a sponsor. Obviously you will need a lot of money to pay for those engines. Are you still confident of the situation for next year?
Yes, sure. It is not an easy situation, but we have known about it for a long time and we were prepared. You cannot find all the money in one month's time. But this is October and we still have all the winter in which to finalise the budget. We are quite confident now that we will be able to cover it.

You still have unfilled positions for a second driver and a technical director. Is there any news about who will take those places?
It's part of a new programme, a new structure, which I would like to be able to announce in the next few weeks or months. It is looking quite well but I cannot say anything more at the moment. Anything I might tell you could be quite negative for me and the team. It is obviously no secret that the second driver will be chosen in consideration of a new number 1 sponsor coming in. I am waiting a little bit longer. I also want to make it clear that Jean Alesi Will be driving for us next year. The technical director will be announced later, too.

What is your own future as a team owner in F1?
It's no problem. We have a good new engine and big motivations... much credibility, too. There are more people who are ready to join us than there were before. It is still a difficult time, but it is still nice for me to be putting things together, just as I did three years ago. It's like a new project, and I have no problem with that.

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