San Marino Grand Prix in Imola, 2000 - Friday Press Conference

Alain, can you see an end to the various problems that have been hitting you so far this year?
We can only improve. We were very late with our new car programme, so nothing has come as a surprise. Under these circumstances it is very difficult to catch up and we have had a lot of reliability problems, especially in private testing when we can usually manage only 20 laps or so. That is not enough. Once we have reliability - and it is getting better - we can get going in the right direction.

Are you now getting what you had hoped for from Peugeot?
The delay has been our big problem, especially with the new engine. But I don't want to blame anybody. We just have to catch up, and considering how few miles we have covered I don't think we are too bad. There is a new engine and it should being some advantages step by step.

How do you see your future with Peugeot?
That question is not for me to answer. Ask them first. It is no problem for a big constructor to come into Formula 1, or to leave it. That is their decision and I honestly cannot speak for them.

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