F1 RACING, 01.03.2001

Alain Prost Interview

Best thanks to my regular visitor Laszlo Keating from Australia for typing this interview and for sending it to me!

The AP04 arrived on time and looks reliable. That must have been a relief?
Yes, the priority this winter was to put every effort into reliability and to have the car ready early. Those two targets have been reached. We thought that we would concentrate on performance from Imola, so we've been surprised to see how quick the car was in the Barcelona tests!

What would make this a good year for you?
I'm realistic. We want to be in the midfield. We would also like to score points on a regular basis, and be able to be near the leaders if something happens to them. We missed out on good results at Monaco and Spa last year, for example. We do not want to miss such opportunities in 2001.

Are you happy with your driver-lineup?
There's no problem with Jean. He's still very motivated and very quick. With Gaston, I will help him all I can. We won't have any number one driver this year.

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